About us:  “People who have the privilege of owning and tending a piece of farm land earn with that privilege a significant responsibility. They are, after all, custodians of the environment not only for themselves and their families and friends to enjoy, but also for the generations of people, animals and organisms that follow. Through their farming practices they have a direct and powerful impact on the future state of the environment. If you are committed to making environmentally-responsible decisions about how you protect your crops, your efforts will help ensure that your farming legacy is a healthy one. This site is to inform farmers about the many environmentally-responsible options available to protect their crops against destructive insect and disease pests”



This site supports the careful consideration of all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and minimise the risks to human health and the environment


The main objective is to inform farmers of the many biopesticides and biological fertilizers commercially available from leading agricultural companies  in South Africa for use on a wide spectrum of  crops. If in need of insect and disease photos for use in training manuals, packaging and promotional material, feel free to contact us for availability and cost of photos.


Owner of this site, agricultural scientist Johan Gerber can be contacted at johan@biologicalcrophealth.co.za

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This site does not endorse any crop protection and yield enhancing products (biological, botanical or synthetic) that carry a high risk of causing irreversible damage to humans, animals and the environment