Many insect species can cause damage to agricultural crops, but only a few are really destructive. Most insect pests simply need to be kept under control to prevent loss of crops.

The most common groups of insects found in crops are the larvae of fruit and leaf-eating caterpillar species as well as leaf- and flower-eating beetles, stinkbugs, leafhoppers, fruit-damaging pests, sucking pests and soil pests. Insects with chewing and/or sucking mouthparts can cause severe damage to fruit, flowers, leaves and roots. In some cases plants can be destroyed by defoliation or as a result of secondary problems such as root rot or bacterial infections which develop from physical damage.

The most responsible way of handling problems in crops is first to identify the pest and the actual cause of the problem and then to select the friendliest way of dealing with it with no, or very low, risk to yourself and the environment.


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