Biological Crop Health conducts efficacy evaluation of plant protection as well as vegetative and reproductive yield enhancing agricultural products and supply various  biopesticides direct to home gardeners and farmers in the Knysna and George regions of the Western Cape


The following services are available
Efficacy and phytotoxicity evaluation of biopesticides (fungicides, bactericides, acaricides and  insecticides) used against plant pests on agricultural crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants under greenhouse and field conditions
Advise on the regulatory procedures of crop protection registration, including guidelines for the registration of biopesticides and products for seed treatment
Design of field trial protocols as per EPPO Standards for conducting trials under greenhouse and field conditions
Efficacy evaluation of legume seed and/or soil inoculum with nitrogen-bacteria on crops like soybean and peas for registration  
 Live micro-organism formulations,  botanical formulations (plant extracts) used as control agents against plant diseases and insect pests can be purchased direct from Biological Crop Health office in Knysna, Western Cape and every Saturday at the Outeniqua Family Market in George, Western Cape.  Macro-organisms (predators and parasites) supplied by Dudutech can also be ordered. Vist the BCH stall at the market on Saturdays between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
 All bio-products of Kannar Earth Science, Dagutat Science and Dudutech can be purchased from Biological Crop Health. See products availbale of the companies under "SUPPLIERS" of this website or contact Johan Gerber direct (details below).
Contact details for more information 
Cell no : +27(0) 836319952